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Our Mission

Our Mission

HHCard is a discount app that helps you save money at local businesses, while funding charities in the community. We want to make the world around us better for everyone.

By using the HHCard app, the in-app advertisements fund the local charities in the area.

Where does the money go?

  • 50% of in-app advertisements fund local charities
  • 50% funds our operations and expansion into new areas

The HHCard app is simply an opportunity to help those in need. You are the one who makes the difference. Thank you for supporting our work and your community.

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Our Story

Homeless Help Card

The story of the Homeless Help Card begins well before there was ever a card. During his college career, founder Andrew Wilkin spent many hours volunteering at local homeless shelters like the Bigger Vision Community Shelter. It was there that he witnessed firsthand the needs of people in poverty, as well as the struggles of non-profits helping them to stay afloat financially. Andrew wanted to do something that would solve both problems.

Andrew Wilkin
Andrew Wilkin

Chris Hank's New Venture course at the University of Georgia provided him the opportunity to do just that. Students were told to create a business and make it profitable by the end of the semester, without investing a penny of their own money. While thinking about the assignment, Andrew realized something important - from a business standpoint, charities and corporations work almost exactly the same way! There's just one key difference: non-profits benefit a cause, not just their owners. With this in mind, he set out to create a 'non-profit business', using the discount cards he sold in high school as a basis to fund homeless shelters and stimulate the local economy.

Original office
Our original 'office'

Andrew knew he'd need more than just business skills to get things moving; luckily, he soon found help from his new friend Nick. Nick was working an unpaid internship during his last semester in college, and couldn't afford a place to stay; Andrew and his roommate Caleb Fontaine had offered him a couch to sleep on. One night as they were talking, he told Nick about his business idea. Nick quickly offered to make a website and design the card. With that, a partnership was formed, and the real work began.

First Card
The first
Homeless Help Card

The first goal was to get thirty businesses to get onboard and offer discounts for the card. Andrew would spend his days going from restaurant to restaurant pitching the cause; at night, Nick would update the bare-bones website and print a new mock-up (on cardboard) that Andrew could demo during his travels the next day. After a long summer, thirty-one businesses had signed up and the first real cards were printed.

Original office
Our first event at
Inokos Sushi Express

The Homeless Help Card has had a lot of ups and downs since those early days, but we've continued to strive towards making our community a better place. During the last two years, we've been able to sponsor a growing number of shelters and charities. In addition, over 150 restaurants and businesses (and counting) now offer rewards to our cardholders.

Original office
In the papers

In the summer of 2014, we took our first steps to increase our impact by expanding to metro Atlanta. We want to help local organizations in each county fight the unique problems their area faces, such drug and alcohol addiction, lack of access to medical coverage, and sex trafficking, as well as homelessness and poverty. It's an ambitious goal, but with the continued support of people like you, we know we can make a difference in the lives of those in need.


1) How does the Homeless Help Card work? ▼
It's pretty simple: you buy a card, and instantly gain access to all the discounts listed on our site and apps. In return, the purchase price funds charities in both your county and the metro area. It's a win-win scenario for everyone!
+So it's not a card for the homeless to use?
While anyone can use it, the card is for you to use as a thank you for your donation. The organizations that your card purchase funds provide long-term support to those in need, rather than short-term savings at local restaurants and stores.
+Do businesses give my discounts to the charities?
Though they would love to, it is not financially possible for our businesses to both provide you a discount and give that same amount as a financial donation to charities. They do however often provide excess food and products, as well as their professional services to our organizations for free.

2) I'm vegan (or vegetarian) - are there any food options for me? ▼
Yes! We've marked any restaurant that has vegetarian meals (more than just salads!) with this symbol Veggie-approved!.
We also have Vegetarian as a category you can sort by on our Deals page.

3) Can I only save at restaurants with the card? ▼
Nope! We want you to be able to save with the Homeless Help Card throughout your day. We have clothing boutiques, grocery stores, auto mechanics, jewelry shops, fitness centers, and more! Check them out on our Deals page.

4) What charities does my card purchase fund? ▼
70% of the purchase price goes directly to organizations in your county; you can view them by check out the charity page. An additional 5% is used to fund charities in the metro area of your county.
+What if I buy it online?
When you buy the Homeless Help Card online, you can either buy from a specific county's order page to fund their charities, or use the drop-down menu on the main order page to select where the proceeds from the sale are going.
+Is the Homeless Help Card an actual charity?
Yes, the Homeless Help Card is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit under Life on Life Campus Ministries.

5) The cashier wouldn't accept my Homeless Help Card! Why? ▼
We're sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, sometimes new employees don't yet know about the card and what discounts are offered. If the card is rejected, ask to speak to the manager and have them straighten it out. Also, please let us know so we can make sure it doesn't happen again.
+Do you do refunds on card sales?
We can definitely refund your order before we mail the card to you. Unfortunately, once the card is in the mail, the sale is final.

6) Do you do fundraisers for other organizations? ▼
As a matter of fact, we do! And, in addition to raising money for your organization, your county's non-profits also receive funding. Email us to learn more about how we can partner together.
+We're hosting an event! Can you have a booth there to fundraise for us?
Provided we aren't already scheduled that day, we'd definitely be interested. Your organization and the community would get the same percentage of the sales we make while at the event. Please email us so we can put it on our calendars.

7) I want to do more! How can I get involved with volunteering? ▼
We're glad to hear that! You can visit the links on your county's charity page to learn more about each organization and what their needs are. You can also reach out to us; we'll do our best to get some info for you.
+I really like what the Homeless Help Card is doing. How can I join the team?
We'd love to talk to you about this! Send us your contact information so we discuss what your interests are and what you'd want to be involved in. Thank you!

8) When are you coming to my town? ▼
We're glad to know that you're excited about the Homeless Help Card! We are currently expanding into metro Atlanta and hope to cover all fifteen surrounding counties over the next few years. If you want specific information about what our schedule is for your county (or if you want to help us get started there), please use our email form to reach out to us.

9) I would like to add my business to the Homeless Help Card. How do we get started? ▼
Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to help your business and your community! Send us an email with your contact information so we can get you set up.

10) I read all this, but my question still wasn't answered! ▼
We'd be more than happy to answer any other questions you have. Scroll down a little further to use our contact form and send us an email!


The Homeless Help Card was started with a straight-forward goal: provide a stable source of revenue for charities, so they can focus on helping others without worrying about money. As of October 2015, we've raised over $22,000 for our partnered charities. That's a great start, and we're constantly working to keep the momentum going.

Last year, we've increased our outreach by offering the Homeless Help Card as a fundraising tool. Now other organizations can earn money for their favorite causes (like Children's Miracle Network, Ronald McDonald House, and local school systems, to name a few) while also supporting non-profits in their community! So far over $8,500 has been raised for a variety of worthy causes!
(If you want to support your organization's work with the HHCard, send us an email to get started)

One thing we've learned while working with our non-profits is that they have needs beyond just financial aid. We're proud that we've had a number of opportunities to assist their work beyond just fundraising. We've included a few examples below; hopefully it'll give you some ideas about how to get involved in your community!

  • Advertising each organization both online and in the real world, raising awareness of their work and their specific needs.
  • Plugging people in all sorts of volunteer opportunities.
  • Organizing and transporting donations for our non-profits, such as Delta Airline's gift of over 800 blankets.
  • Helping one of our shelters convert their website to work on mobile devices, increasing their ability to spread information about their cause and volunteer opportunities.
  • Coordinating and assisting at events for our organizations.

News Archive

We're deeply appreciative of the local papers and television stations that have highlighted the work the Homeless Help Card and our sponsored charities are doing to help those in need.

Below are links to everything that's been written about us (that we know of).

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