Get the HHCard App!

Download the HHCard app!

Already have a Homeless Help Card?

Thank you for supporting local charities! Activating the HHCard App with your card is really simple.

  • Download the HHCard app (Windows coming soon)
  • Choose the "Scan Barcode" option

  • Place your Homeless Help Card on a flat surface, and use your phone's camera to scan in the bar-code
    (If your card doesn't have a bar-code, you can scan in the QR Code on the front instead)

  • Your HHCard app is now activated! You can use it to get the same great savings as your Homeless Help Card, with a lot of new app-exclusive features!

Just want to get the App?

That's fine too. You can purchase an in-app subscription to the HHCard app and receive the same great deals as our cardholders.

I can't find the HHCard in my app store!

We're hard at work porting the Homeless Help Card app to other platforms. If you want to be notified when we release on yours, sign up below!

Android Preview

Now Available on Android!

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